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Mac Users Are More Stylish Than PC Users, According to a New Study

Thanks to witty commercials and great product placement, Mac users have been perceived as more fashionable than PC customers for decades. Carrie Bradshaw wrote her infamous column on an Apple laptop, Elle Woods toted an orange iBook to law class and in one episode of Dawson's Creek, Dawson Leery flat out refuses his father's PC graduation gift. But do the lifestyles of real Mac owners honestly match these glamourous characters? According to a recent study by Bundle.com—yes, they actually do.

The number crunching website took data from over 700,000 credit card transactions and analyzed the separate shopping habits of both Mac and PC devotees. A much higher percentage of Apple fanatics choose to drop money at luxury shops such as Barneys, Saks and Intermix, while most PC fans leaned toward moderately priced retailers, like Old Navy and Aeroposale. (Which doesn't necessarily equal unstylish. There are plenty of on trend options at these types of places, you can read about them here, in our 50 under $50 series.)

However, these results don't mean that Mac people aren't above enjoying great bargains—they just look for them differently. Results proved that rather than browse at lower-priced labels, Apple consumers will opt for flash sales or designer outlets, whereas PC users prefer to scour affordable-ish labels, like Columbia and Zales, for deals instead.

Check out the chart below to see how the two types of computer owners compare when it comes to popular brands, and let us know if the numbers apply to you. If you're a MacBook-toting, Old Navy-lover we want to know!

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