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Mad Men: Shop the Styles of Our Favorite Secondary Characters

We're so pumped for the fifth-season premiere of Mad Men that we can barely see straight. Obviously, though, we've missed more than Don Draper's handsome mug and Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce's office drama during the long hiatus. We're pining for those ridiculously chic period costumes.

And while Betty, Joan and Peggy have all worn outfits we'd love to own, some of the show's secondary characters are pretty good dressers, too. Here's a look at some of our favorite lesser-seen players from the show's first four seasons—plus some pieces to help you get in on their style. They may not earn quite as much screen time as Mad Men's primary cast, but we're pretty, well, mad about how they dress.

Sally Draper

The series' smallest style star, Betty's daughter (played by the wonderful Kiernan Shipka) favors twee touches like satin headbands and patent flats that are both age-appropriate and adorable. Click through to shop her look.


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