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Mad Men Style Points: Zubeezoouz Zubeuzzeuz

Many an American tuned into watch Mad Men last night, including Ray, Lauren and myself. And aside from the intrigue and drama on the show, the draw is that there's plenty of style. To keep you updated, we'll be charting many of the characters' sartorial adventures through a point system. Major players will rise and fall throughout the season, and some may disappear entirely. (Each episode will be worth a different number of points, dependent upon the overall level of glamor.) So keep a weather eye on this space and we'll do our best to entertain you.

Season 5, Episode 1: A Little Kiss
Point Value: 10,000

Don Draper, 6,500 points: The don of Madison Ave. is back. And although he was sartorially on point the whole episode, he didn't bring anything completely new to the table. Props for bringing the kids and the new wife to the Statue of Liberty in casual wear, though.

Megan Draper, 9,000 points: It appears Mad Men is making moves into the not-so-touched Edie Sedgwick territory with Mrs. Draper. Her innocent and bubbly office nature gave way to a young, sexy, "clean my apartment in my underwear" girl of the '60s. There were hints of Jenny Gump throughout the episode, and although that's cause for alarm, we have confidence in her style. Zou bisou bisou.

Sally Draper, 9,500 points: She didn't have much camera time, but the always-eerie Sally made a strong comeback. Most of her points can be attributed to that very Virgin Suicides walk down the hall in the beginning of the episode. She also wore a sick stars and stripes dress while seeing the sights with her father.

Betty Francis, 0 points: The noticeably absent former Mrs. Draper earned no points this episode. Granted, she was probably too busy in her cavernous mansion to make an appearance, but what gives?

Joan Harris, 8,000 points: Under the stress of caring for her new baby, and dealing with her mother, Joan was in no shape to dress up. And who could blame her? After a somewhat dull start in the style department, she sprang into action when visiting Sterling Cooper Draper Price. As one would expect, she returned to the office with her attitude, style and baby intact.

Peggy Olson, 7,000 points: You can always count on Peggy to be the neurotic. After an unsuccessful "bean ballet" pitch to Heinz, she found herself at Don's surprise birthday party, awkwardly drawing attention to her mounting work. True to form, she apologized to Don the next day at the office and worried about it the entire time. Despite that, she had a great party dress.

Roger Sterling, 7,500 points: Sterling sticks to his guns, always. Slick suits and an "IDGAF" attitude to boot. His crashing of Pete's meetings, grey suits and cavalier attitude earned him high marks.

Ida Blankenship, 10,000 points: She's gone, but not forgotten. Her style cred has spilled over from Season 4. Deal with it.

mad men
mad men