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Night of 1,000 Face Masks (But Really Six)

Once a week, my evening eye mask routine borders on obsessive and compulsive—but it works. And whether it's moisture replenishment or a retinol infusion, all of these masks provide something that your skin really needs. If you have an extra hour before you go to bed, try my night of a 1,000 face masks and then come and tell me how much more luminous and glowy your skin looks. (It's a good activity for sleepovers with girlfriends. My beauty editor friend, Cat, and I do this all the time when she crashes at my place even though we are both way too old for slumber parties. Whatever!) This is the more hydrating, wintery version. In a few short months, I'll hit you with the clarifying, summery version. You ready?

You want to begin the night of 1,000 face mask with a purifying mask. Usually, I recommend a clay masks, but this Boscia one is better for winter since it's more gentle and less drying. Plus, it's the kind of mask that you get to peel it off afterward and it's kind of fun.

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