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Night of 1,000 Face Masks (But Really Six)

Once a week, my evening eye mask routine borders on obsessive and compulsive—but it works. And whether it's moisture replenishment or a retinol infusion, all of these masks provide something that your skin really needs. If you have an extra hour before you go to bed, try my night of a 1,000 face masks and then come and tell me how much more luminous and glowy your skin looks. (It's a good activity for sleepovers with girlfriends. My beauty editor friend, Cat, and I do this all the time when she crashes at my place even though we are both way too old for slumber parties. Whatever!) This is the more hydrating, wintery version. In a few short months, I'll hit you with the clarifying, summery version. You ready?

This reparative mask relieves stress and helps with cell turnover. VERY IMPORTANT.

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