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OneKingsLane.Com Gives Vintage Sales a Permanent Home

The sole reason my apartment looks any different than my college dorm room is  Onekingslane.com. Without flash sale sites like that one (or, really, just that one), I'd be sleeping on an extra-long twin bed and watching Mad Men from a butterfly chair.

Instead, I spend too much money on their daily sales of armchairs, artwork and other grown-up bits and pieces (vases, candles, kitchen stuff). I especially like their vintage sales, which are always full of the sort of things you'd find in Courtney Love's bohemian (yet surprisingly put-together) apartment. Except, of course, you can buy them online and skip haggling with a weird flea market man.

Today, those one-off, seemingly random vintage sales landed a permanent home on Onekingslane.com, meaning I'll probably spend less money on clothes next month, and a little more on home stuff. If the up-and-coming offerings in the slideshow below are any indication, the sales are gonna be really, really good.

Click through the slideshow below to preview the sales, and to shop similar, currently available items:


Antique votives double as pretty shot glasses. Click through to shop.

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