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SXSW: Danny Brown Loves Adidas and Girls

If you're looking for the best fashion at SXSW, you can skip the rock shows and go straight to hip hop, in my opinion. (Which should count for something at this point. Am I right?) I'm starting a hip hop fashion watch list and right now, Danny Brown is at the top. I first spotted him in a tiger print hoodie with ears on it. Last night, he rolled into his show wearing such a cool Adidas sweatshirt with angel wings on the hood—not to mention at least eight other Adidas items.

Danny is definitely down for the movement in fashion that I'm calling "The Sports Authority." Which is exactly what it sounds like: People who dress sporty. With authority.

His raps are largely about graphic descriptions of specific ways in which he appreciates the ladies. AND he has good style. Other rappers, follow suit.

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