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No matter where I go—I never leave home without at least one pair of Levi's denim shorts.

So many t-shirts. One for each day. This tree print tee from White Mountaineering is great for layering under just about any jacket.

I plan to see a lot of hip hop shows while I'm there and I wouldn't want to feel left out by showing up sans varsity jacket. Plus, it may cool down at night.

These are cool for day or with jeans at night. And I don't feel too short in them because they're a bit bulky.

A lightweight shoulder bag is a must. You can fit it all in here and it won't be too annoying to carry around. Plus if you have a few drinks, you can be sure that all of your belongs are secure with this type of closure.

Striped tees. You can never pack enough of these.

Bring a cute, comfortable ankle boot that works with short and jeans.

Instead of plain skinny jeans, opt for something a little cooler. They have an orange tuxedo stripe down the side.

I'll be waking up early to interview artists and staying out at shows all night. Last year, Odd Future didn't go on until 3 AM! This Sisley mask will trick people into thinking I've had hours of sleep. And it makes your skin instantly glowy.

Why does it always seem to rain when I go to an outdoor festival? Wear these on the plane.

Pack it all up in a Filson duffle. It love this style of bag even though I can barely carry it on my own. They have a version with wheels if you're a sissy.