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Selita Ebanks' Sassy Swimwear Debuts Tomorrow Night

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Model and designer Selita Ebanks

Tomorrow night, Selita Ebanks' new swimwear line will appear on the television premiere of BET's annual Rip the Runway event. Inspired by her experience working with Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated, the model's Sass by Selita range—which includes lots of skimpy bikinis with chain embellishments—has no shortage of sex appeal.

"I wanted something that will empower women and let them know that their sass is untouchable,” she told NY Daily News. "It takes a certain kind of women to have sass—very confident, sexy and independent."

Sass, however, doesn't just stand for the Ebanks' fearless attitude, it is also an acronym: "Selita's accessories, shoes and swimwear." Although two of the three have yet to debut, expect to see them popping up on department store floors sometime this fall.

Summer is nearly upon us—are you interested in buying a bathing suit designed by Selita? (Eh...maybe after a spinning class…or two?)

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