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Share Your Bra Horror Stories


Lady Gaga, Brassiere Pioneer

We're kicking off a month's worth of bra-centric features here at Lucky—an extraBRAganza, if you will. But in between rounding up our favorite bras under $25, explaining why the right bra will change your life and talking celebrity cleavage, we have to acknowledge the fact that sometimes, the innocent brassiere can be a pain in the...well...rear.

Case in point: once, back in high school, I had an evening outing to the opera planned with one of my best friends. Unsure of to what to wear (people don't dress up quite as much in my hometown of Miami, FL) I settled on a sheer-ish chiffon top and pencil skirt combo.

Now, I obviously couldn't risk Visible Bra Syndrome (or VBS), but I wasn't about to sacrifice that for, well, VNS (use your imagination for that one). I'd heard a bit about those adhesive bra cups that supposedly offer both support and coverage under backless, strapless or sheer looks—so when I saw one on sale at a local department store, I decided to give it a try, thinking it would be the perfect fix for my outfit quandary.

Turns out that when it comes to stick-on bras, you'd better read the instructions. Perhaps I simply waited too long after taking the cups out of the box to, um, apply them. Or maybe I didn't wash up quite well enough to remove every last trace of dust and sweat from my skin beforehand. In any case, let's just say that about halfway through my night, that sticky contraption began to un-stick itself from my person. By the end of the opera, I resorted to a bizarre half-applause, half arm-crossing move to try to cover my chest and halt my bra's embarrassing creep southward. I'm pretty sure I resembled a frantically-clapping baby seal, only less inherently cute.

So now that I've shared my appropriately uncomfortable bra tale, I want to know yours! Share your own story of brassiere-related woe in the comments below. And keep checking back over the course of the month for our advice on determining your actual cup size (it's probably not what you think it is), finding the best bras for small AND large chests, and selecting a bralette that looks nothing like a training bra (we promise). Just for kicks, we might even share our thoughts on "the mansierre"—yep, bras for dudes. They exist.

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