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Snap Poll: Do You Match Your Bra to Your Underwear?

Fairchild Archive

In an alternative universe, it rains Céline bags and Miu Miu shoes. And I match my bra to my underwear every day.

But in reality, I don’t. Instead, there's a gaping hole between my choreographed outfits and my haphazard lingerie.

The culprits? Mostly, relationship status and wardrobe disorganization. My boyfriend still greets my standby outfits with a sincere "Is that new?” and my closet’s perma-cluttered, no matter how many organizational tips I adopt. So finding the motivation to coordinate lingerie is an uphill battle. It takes a little extra effort, and the only other person who sees it probably won’t notice.

But those aren't really the biggest reasons I don’t usually match my lingerie—even though, yeah, I do think it looks better. Instead, when I'm getting dressed, I tend to pick out my clothes first and my lingerie second, which means fashion takes a backseat to function.

If I need a particular bra for a certain top (sheer, strapless, racerback, etc), and different underwear for the bottom, I'm going to just wear whatever works best with the outfit—not what works best together. Even if I were single and trying to impress some dude with my underwear (unlikely) I wouldn't budge on that. (Editor's note: I feel like most guys don't EVER notice.)

And on top of the function issues, there's a fit one, too: sometimes the bra from a matching set stays as comfy as it was when I tried it on, while the bottom turns out to be a sneaky wedgie-causer. So with all the obstacles of organization, function, fit and style (often the bra I wan't doesn't come with the type of bottoms I like), I'm just not a bra and underwear matcher. For me, when it happens, it's more of a happy accident than anything else, which might be weird, considering how much effort I'll put into the rest of my outfit. But what about you?

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