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Soul Sisters: My Soul Cycle Session With Denise Kreft

I'm not the type of girl that you'd find in a spin class or in a yoga center or in any other place where healthy people go to stay in shape. I'm pretty inconsisent with the whole healthy thing in general. There are some days where you'll find me in some new Nike gear proclaiming that I've become a vegan rock climber. But there have been months at a time when I've used my much too expensive gym membership soley for the steam room and spent nights at my favorite fried chicken spot. With spring around the corner, I really need to put down the bucket of chicken and rediscover my inner vegan rock climber again. And the only thing that really motivates me, is having a friend like Denise—she works in beauty too, and is a die-hard Soul Cycle rider—to force me to get it together. And Ben, the hot spin instructor, did not hurt the cause.

Denise knows me too well—she took me to the most hip-hop of all the spin classes. The key to choosing the right class for you is make sure that you're feeling the music. It'll help you stay amped up and motivated to cycle a little harder than you would to boring music. Ben played Lil Wayne, Rick Ross's new album, Rich Forever and "Rack City" by Tyga. (I feel like we're kind of meant to be. If you're single, hit me up). If you're feeling adventurous, rumor has it that an instrutor named Danny is known to spray champagne all over the room during his class!

Even though I was completely sore afterwards and more starving than I've ever been, I'm SO looking forward to my next class. I finally get why people are completely hooked on the Soul Cycle train. It's only forty-five minutes, it's fun and you feel what I think comes very close to being euphoria when it's all over. I can't say why, but I promise you that it's a different (and way better) kind of great feeling than what happens after a run or some time on those stationary cardio machines.

And don't worry about it being too hard. If I can do it—trust me—you can too. Plus, once you get into the swing of things it's easy to start acting like a healthy person. And you'll feel a lot less guilty about the piece of chocolate cake that you did not need to eat after lunch yesterday. Why did I eat that though?

My philosophy is that you only live once, so why not be as healthy and hot looking as you can possibly be. And my hip-hop philosophy also applies here: Ride or Die.

Book your class at Soul Cycle today. Let's be skinny together!

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