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Studio Scout: Learning to Knit With Wool and the Gang

In an age in which DIY items tend to earn just as much attention as their designer originals, I sometimes wonder why people don't make more of their own clothing and accessories themselves. In addition to being cost-effective and giving you major bragging rights afterwards, crafting can be a fun way to spend time with friends and pick up some new skills.

So when Wool and the Gang, the knitting collective known for both their simple kits and ready-made knitwear, invited me to visit their Nolita studio for an afternoon, I eagerly agreed. Little did I know that after walking through the brand's new spring merchandise (which includes everything from adorable knit bralettes to tasseled capes), I'd be faced with a challenge: a knitting project of my very own.

Thanks to the excellent tutelage of Jade Harwood, WATG's Brit-born Textile Designer, I was able to pick up the needles and get knitting in no time. Click through the slideshow to see how it all went down, and be sure to check out Woolandthegang.com for more on the super-cool company.

"Everything we make is hand-knitted in Peru, and the yarn all comes from there too," Jade explained.

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