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SxSW's Most Stylish Stars

On March 13th, hundreds of bands will come from all over the world to Austin, Texas for the 16th annual South by Southwest music festival. Started as "a way for Austin's eclectic music scene to reach out to the rest of the world" according to its website, SxSW now seems like it's more of a way for the rest of the world to reach into Austin...all while kicking back with a beer and filling up on excellent BBQ and great bands, alongside throngs of hipsters showing off their rock 'n' roll style. With acts from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, and even Taiwan (and that's just within our lineup), Austin turns into a global playground for music and style.

In honor of the festival's 16th anniversary, we wanted to make a list of our 16 favorite style stars performing in SxSW but we just liked too many. So, we interviewed 19 ladies that know how to rock out in style. Click the slideshow to read more.

Grace Woodroofe

What inspires your music?

"Being alone in my head and walking everywhere."

How would you describe your style?

"I'm all about textures and creating different silhouettes. I love to always incorporate something ironic in my outfits - for example, if I wear a feminine silk dress, I'll add a beanie or wool scarf to throw off the seriousness. Lately I've been inspired by slouchy menswear pieces and I have an ongoing love affair with all things leather."

Photography by Jody Pachniuk