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More From SXSW: That S%*t Really Is Kreay...

Kreayshawn performed with her home girl V-Nasty at the Santos Party House/Thrasher show at SXSW last week. I sat next to my new favorite white female rapper on a very disgusting couch during our interview. (All the while, a person I presumed to be an unknown member of a rap group entourage was taking a nap on my lap.) The feisty, yet actually very sweet, 22-year-old was given a seven-figure record deal after her hit YouTube video, "Gucci Gucci," got over 30 million hits. First things first; we admired each other's nails. She had multicolored 3-D bows to match her tattooed hands. The fingers of her right hand are inked up to resemble numbers on a telephone—it's actually pretty cute. Kreay thought my nails were cool, but was concerned about me going back to Brooklyn with "Don't Mess With Texas" written on my nails. "Everyone will be like, 'why'd you get that?!'"

I gathered that, where Kreayshawn comes from in Oakland, Cali, repping another city in the form of nail art is something you just don't do. She certainly earned her street cred at an early age, and now she's just down to having a good time and keeping it fun. With lyrics about passing the syrup at breakfast time (not the sizzurp, actual maple syrup) I think she's doing just great.

Are you sick of everyone saying, "That S#*T Kreay?"
No, I love it! That shit, Ray! [Writer's Note: Um, I was so psyched when she said that to me.]

Do you still have beef with Nicki Minaj?
I never had beef with her. That media conjured that up just because, you know, I'm female. Hip hop is based off of beef, ya know?

So we know you're not into wearing Gucci, Louis, Fendi and Prada. What is your steeze right now?
I like free clothes. I like thrift clothes. The cheaper the better. I like Goodwill. I don't like going to those thrift stores that are already picked out and put together. I like when it's like, "I want everything here and it's all $25 because you found it first."

How do you decide what you're going to wear on stage?
There's not a lot of thought process there. I just pick stuff out in five minutes. I get dressed while I'm getting ready. I am not the type of person to lay out an outfit the day before.

What advice would you give to girls like myself that want to be white female rappers?
I don't think the world is ready. I feel like 2012 is the end of the world.

So I guess, there's just not enough time.
I would say, go all out there and do it to the fullest and expect the worst.

Why are you so pessimistic about it all?
I'm a director, too. I'm used to directing music videos and people being like, "I love your videos." And if they don't like them they won't say anything to me. People won't say to you, "I hate that report you did." They'll be like, "I love that report you did." Or they won't talk about it. [Being a performer is different.] The music industry is so opinionated. I'm good with taking people's opinions, but sometimes it's too much.

How do you decide what you rap about and what are you trying to tell people?
It's all feel good music. It's not in-depth.

About breakfast!
Breakfast! You know? Twerkin' it! All the tracks are inspired by different genres of music. I'm a fan of music because I listen to music, not because I make it. So the album is just bits of every genre of music that I listen to.

What other genres?
Heavily sampled mixes. New Orleans Bounce, Chicago Shoe Music, Witch House and Seapunk and all of that sh*t. I like genres. I like that people are making their own genres. People are making their own music.

You would like Ducky. She's this cool all self-produced electronic girl.
Yeah! I like that! I feel like I skipped a step.

I bet you never expected that video to pop off like that!
No! It was just a project. I directed it and it was just a project. We had the video for three months before we even put it out. It was weird.

What's the craziest thing that ever happened to you because of Twitter?
I have bad luck with Twitter. So, probably everything!

Why? You're good at it.
I f**king love it, but I f**king hate it. I have five different stalker accounts with different names. I'll be tweeting hella people, and these will be the people that will be like, "Kreayshawn tweeted me," but since it's another name they don't even respond. It shows how weird Twitter can be. I have accounts with pictures of me when I was twelve, looking current. You know what I mean?

I want to follow all of those. That's probably the good sh*t. [Now she has me cursing.]
You'll have to figure it out!

I will try.

How did you meet V-Nasty?
I was dating her cousin when I was 15. He went to jail and she got mad because she thought I was a bad influence on him. She called me, all mad. I was like, here's my address, "lets go!" I called my boyfriend in jail and told him that his cousin, V-Nasty, hit me up and he was like, "don't worry about her she's eight months pregnant. Don't even listen to her!" I meet her a week after, and she is eight months pregnant. Fourteen years old. I would never fight a pregnant woman. Not even if she hit me first.

What other rappers are you working with?
I have a song with Two Chains coming out.

Anything else you want to put out there?
The album is called Something About Kreay. Like Something About Mary. It's coming out this summer. It's crazy.

Are you playing at Santos in New York?
I love Santos House! I'm going to be at the Bamboozle Festival!

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