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The 25 Most Powerful Celebrity Stylists

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Kate Young

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Rachel Zoe’s not a top stylist—but her former assistant Brad Goreski is. Brad checks in at #20 on their list of the 25 most powerful celebrity stylists, while Rachel's disqualified because she's too powerful. (In their minds, she's more of a brand than a stylist.)

That may be true, but we still think Rachel should've gotten a nod for her celeb styling. Even if it's now just one of her many projects, we haven't lost interest in what Anne Hathaway and Cameron Diaz wear. On the upside, though, Rachel's absence allows for other talented stylists to garner more buzz—and very well-deserved attenion at that.

Like Kate Young, for example. As Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman's stylist, she holds court at #1 on the list. Others in the top 10 include Jen Rade (the brain behind Angelina's Jolie's right leg), Ryan Hastings (the conjurer of Rooney Mara's brooding look) and Elizabeth Stewart (the finder of the perfect show-stopping dress for Jennifer Lawrence's Hunger Games premiere).

Of course, how good an actress looks in an outfit is subjective. But some of the criteria for this list is much more concrete. These stylists not only influence their clients' images—and thus, their careers—they also help determine which brands and designers are popular, and which aren't. Much like the Middleton sisters, an influential stylist can instantly cause an item to sell out or a trend to be born. (A perfect example: Rachel Zoe outfitted Nicole Richie with a Balenciaga bag. That bag became a huge trend. And a huge seller for Balenciaga.)

So essentially, these stylists are just as important to the celebrities they dress as they are to the fashion industry.

Check out the full list here and tell us: which stylist would you want to dress you?

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