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The Best Facial Ever at Paul Labrecque

Softer, brighter skin.

My skin has been looking really BAD all winter long and couldn’t figure out why. It was time to consult a professional.

The facial I had at Paul Labrecque—which was more than lovely—proved to be enlightening, too. My facialist, Lilia, explained that my skin was dry on the surface with oil trapped underneath. She knew how to solve the problem and I felt like I was in good hands. Plus, the facial is conducted while you lie on a heated bed, which is just so awesome. I'm figuring out a way to get one for my apartment instead of a couch. Best idea ever. Anyway.…

The facial began with extractions—which is exactly what it sounds like—making sure everything that shouldn’t be there gets extracted from the skin. It kind of hurts, and most people probably think that sort of thing is gross, but I find it to be liberating.

Then Lilia convinced me that I needed a peel, of which I was terrified. When I hear that word, I always think of a bright red burn victim face. But she explained that the alpha beta face peel is really just a ton of vitamins seeping into your skin. It tingled a little bit, but didn’t hurt at all. I don’t know why peels get a bad rap because they are phenomenal. Trust me!

Then I had some sort of oxygen mask—which is rejuvenating/anti-aging. Then she applied a cold "magic mask" to the breakout prone area of my face. Yes, it was magical. THEN, some sort of toner type liquid that smelled terrible, but is supposed to be really good for your skin. And that awkward photo of me wrapped in a towel is the end result. I realize that there is no before picture to compare these results to, so just imagine the ugliest person ever who has the worst skin ever.

And then I got a blowout. Why not? It’s just been one of those weeks, man, where I've had to say to myself: TREAT YO' SELF. This facial was THE BEST. My skin looks so healthy and even younger. Lilia told me that the results they can achieve with regular facials are making plastic surgery obsolete. Great news. I promised to go back regularly. I've decided that taking care of my skin is a good investment. Right?

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