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The Coolest Waxing Place AKA My Soho Dream-Loft (Plus, Strawberry Wax!)

I raced into Strip Ministry of Waxing on Spring just off Mulberry and was immediately struck by its raw, haphazardly-chic aesthetic: The vintage ceiling with its network of exposed pipes (the exact ceiling I have in my fantasy loft in Soho), a rustic, exposed brick wall on one side and industrial-ish cement wall on the other, and a reception desk made out of what looked like one of those cages that fisherman use to catch crabs.

The waxing rooms were similarly eclectic: A huge painting—a colorful scrawl that was half exceptional graffiti artist’s handy work, half something hanging in The New Museum a few blocks South—was the perfect diversion as my waxer got under way with—get this—Strip’s gorgeously pink, strawberry scented wax specially imported from Japan (they also have chocolate flavored wax that looks and smells…like chocolate!).

Instead of the usual chair to pile your clothes onto when you disrobe, there’s a locker (like the junior-high type variety but chic and lacquered and shiny). And printed on the ceiling directly above each waxing bed is a different but similarly inspiring mantra (mine: “Ministry of Waxing 2:16—Wrought in a maze and web of unruly confusion. Snarled and entangled in a mess of jungle and delusion. When in the face of bristly doubt, open the door and take a leap. Make it a clean sweep. Breathe”).

They also give you your very own one of those rubbery stress balls to clutch during the more painful moments (ingenious. It now resides on my desk at work). As for the treatment itself—I was done in 20 minutes and sauntered out with the newfound confidence that comes from knowing you have an impeccable bikini line.

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