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The Five Coolest Vending Machines Ever

They may have originated as an instant, easy way to snap up a cold soda or candy bar—but today, the humble vending machine stocks so much more than simple snacks. Here are some of our favorite examples, which offer products ranging from underwear to artwork to top-of-the-line automobiles—all at the push of a button.



Ever find yourself several pairs of underwear short—say, during a vacation or when trying to extend time between trips to the laundromat? Enter the first-ever MeUndies vending machine, located at L.A.'s Confederacy. For the time being, the machine only dispenses men's underthings at $16 a pop, but MeUndies founders Jonathan Shokrian and Barak Diskin plan to install similar machines at hotels, airports and gyms in the near future. Here's hoping they stock them with bikinis and boyshorts for the ladies, too!

Courtesy of MeUndies



When the wee hours have rolled around and you've spent the whole night on the dance floor, it's only normal to regret choosing those 5-inch stilettos. Thanks to Rollasole, foldable ballet flats are just a credit card swipe away. Naturally, the company chose to install their first machine in the country's most party-centric city: Las Vegas. Pick up a pair of Rollasoles for $19.95 at Vanity Nightclub at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino—and let your stiletto-weary feet breathe a sigh of relief.



Quiksilver x The Standard

Swim and surf brand Quiksilver has collaborated with The Standard for several seasons on limited-edition patterned board shorts and bikinis inspired by the hotel chain's various locations. And for about $75, the designs can be yours—from any one of the vending machines located by the hotels' pools, no less. We'll have to remember this the next time we're tempted to take a late-night dip at Le Bain.

Courtesy of Quiksilver



Looking to add a work of art to your humble abode? There's no need to bother with fussy, stressful auctions—you can pick up a piece from a vending machine. Art-o-mats, made from converted old cigarette vending machines, come fully stocked with one-of-a-kind miniature masterpieces from one of around 400 participating artists. These easy art dispensers are located in various libraries, galleries and museums across the country—click here to find one near you.



The Semi-Automatic

The high-tech Semi-Automatic was unveiled at the Mondrian South Beach in 2009. It's got everything a high-maintenance Floridian vacationer could possibly want or need to enhance their stay, from gold-plated sex toys and designer beach cover-ups to car rentals of the most indulgent order (think Bentley and Rolls-Royce).


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