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Beauty Secrets From The Hunger Games, Karlie Kloss' Risque Fetish Film and More From Around the Web

The longest documented wedding dress train to date is 1.85 miles long and was recently modeled in Bucharest, Romania. To craft the extra-lengthy skirt, a team of 10 seamstresses worked tirelessly for 100 days. [Daily Mail]

Model Karlie Kloss did not walk in New York Fashion Week this year, but she DID star in a super-sexy fetish film called "F*ck Me." It's a little, er, suggestive—so maybe don't watch it at work, okay? [The Fashion Spot]

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria is launching a second fragrance called "EVAmour." Get it? It's her name and the French word for love. Combined. [WWD]

Although the Oscars were a couple weeks ago, it wasn't until recently that Gwyneth Paltrow wrote about her white cape gown on GOOP. She also gives a detailed description of what happened with her hair. (Spoiler alert: she almost wore a bun.) [GOOP]

Here's how to recreate the wide variety of beauty looks featured in The Hunger Games. [Fashionista]

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