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The Manziere: Not The Worst Idea

Courtesy of Everett Collection

According to the very reputable urban dictionary, the manziere is an undergarment intended to lend support to the male chest area. (Their example of usage: "If Jack's man cans get any bigger he is going to need a manziere to keep from getting black eyes.") Its origins date back to the Seinfeld episode in which Frank Costanza and Cosmo Kramer attempt to market the product and get crazy rich. Ultimately, they couldn’t agree on a name (Frank wanted to call it the manziere, but Kramer preferred the less popular name, “bro”) and the invention failed. But we’re thinking…maybe these two were onto something? Men need support too!"

The same way that women complain about their bodies—there are plenty of guys out their who are less than pleased with their pecks. Anyone with breasts knows that t-shirt or a tank just doesn’t cut it when it comes to support. Can you imagine going for a run without the proper attire? Let this be an alert to the men’s undergarment industry. It’s about time to come out with something for the guys. Guys, how do you feel about the manziere? Or the bro?

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