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The September Issue Director R.J. Cutler Is Making Another Fashion Film

WWD/Steve Eichner

Cutler with Sienna Miller

We've still got awhile until Zoolander 2 hits theaters (2014, people!)—but thankfully, director RJ Cutler is here to ensure that nobody's deprived of style-centric feature films until then.

Cutler, whose 2009 documentary, The September Issue, was a hit with both critics and crowds alike, is hard at work on an adaptation of the 1986 novel Fabulous Nobodies. Set in 1980s Manhattan, the novel tells the story of uniquely-named nightclub door girl Reality Nirvana Tuttle, a twentysomething obsessed with fashion.

Producer Julie Anne Quay describes the story as "Emma meets Clueless,"—and considering Nobodies author Tulloch is a former editor-in-chief herself, we're guessing there will be fashion-world jokes aplenty in this flick. The project will begin filming this fall, and Cutler's team is reportedly searching for a chic actress to play Reality. Any guesses as to who might land the role?

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