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The Titanic Jewelry Collection Is Happening

It’s been a hundred years since the Titanic’s maiden voyage, and Jewelry Television is celebrating—er, commemorating—with a Titanic-inspired collection.

All the pieces were created with a specific passenger in mind: delicate studs for debutante Elisabeth Allen, a more dramatic red crystal brooch for movie star Dorothy Gibson.

Of course, a copy of that famous, behemoth blue pendant necklace is part of the collection too, but it’s already sold out. It's also the only piece that actually embarked on the journey, since the pieces below are just imaginings of what the ladies would've worn.

Click through below to see a few of the Edwardian and Art Nouveau pieces, and shop the full collection here:

Inspired by Edith Rosenbaum, who described the Titanic as "the most wonderful boat you could think of."

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