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The World's Most Relaxing Bath

Taking a bath is mind-numblingly relaxing, but it’s sort of a rare luxury. Especially  for twenty-somethings. Especially in New York. Most of us live with multiple roommates that we don’t even want to think about sharing a tub with—if there even is a bathtub. And taking a bath requires more time than a shower—who has that?

When I moved into my own apartment—all 200 square feet of it—it was one of the things I was most looking forward to, despite the fact that I’d never taken a leisurely bath before in my life (that last one I could remember was when I was a child and baths existed only to get clean). Now I’ve got it down to a blood-pressure-dropping science—and this formula relaxes me more than a massage, acupuncture, or glass of Malbec:

  1. Start running the bath, but don’t plug the drain until it’s your perfect temperature—I go for a medium heat. Then, pour in a capful of this Elemental Herbology oil. The blend of rosemary, geranium and grapefruit oils up circulation (which is very good for your skin); jojoba, sweet almond and peach kernel oils soften. And the scent is incredibly soothing.
  2. Light this decadently-smoky candle from Molton Brown. It smells like a beautiful campfire surrounded by a lush forest, late at night (so if you close your eyes, it’s like you’re taking a bath in the strangest but coolest place ever).
  3. Turn on some music, if that sort of thing relaxes you. Personally, I always have to have some sort of sound on in my apartment because the walls are so thin and my weird neighbor plays loud, house music somewhat frequently. My go-to is Miles Davis—as cliché as that sounds—because sinking into the tub as Darn that Dream comes on is a magical feeling.
  4. Turn off the lights. If they’re on, your eyes wander, then your brain wanders. If all you can see is the flickering of the candle, that’s a good thing.
  5. Get in already—and stay there for at least fifteen minutes. To get especially comfy, try a neck pillow or an eye mask.
  6. When you get out, put on a luxurious body cream, like this one from Duchess Marden. It smells like fresh roses and goes on like silk, melting into the skin.

After this, you should already be half asleep (I started nodding off just writing this)—so just go to bed. You'll sleep like a baby.



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