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Trump SoHo Spa: The Only Hammam in New York Worth Traveling For

This is not me—it's a stock image.

I should start off by saying that the Trump SoHo Spa is CRAZY nice. I should also say that I might have been confused about what a hammam actually is. I thought it was one of those co-ed Turkish bath houses where you go to chill out and move around through various steam rooms and bath-type things. I had the bath part right. (I still don't think I'm entirely wrong and neither does the highly esteemed Wikipedia, but let's just say the rest is not what went down during his 90-minute session).

First, I was instructed to take a sauna—was not mad at that. Then I was led into the hammam room, which was made of beautiful tiles and felt authentically Turkish. It was filled with beautiful silver bowls that also looked authentic, but could very well be sold at ABC Carpet. Nevertheless, the room was stunning and I felt like I'd been transported to Istanbul.

So I stripped down to nothing and laid on my stomach on a piece of cloth that was on top of a 108-degree slab of marble. I should have been more scared, but I thrive in hot temperatures. (If there's anyone that can still be slightly chilly while laying on a piece of burning hot rock—it's me). I laid there with a towel over my eyes, so I was slightly startled when the silver bowls were filled up with hot water and not-so-lightly dumped on me. The hot water softens the skin. For several minutes the hot water was poured onto me and the marble slab. By this point I wasn't cold AT ALL and needed to put more layers between me and the marble, which was starting to burn a tiny bit. VERY RELAXING.

Next, a very rough mitten was used to thoroughly scrub my skin. Layers of skin came off—you could see it happening. (It's a great reminder that there's dead skin that needs to be removed on a regular basis.)

Then I felt all tingly, but I didn't know why. I love feeling tingly! It was the soapy bubbles that were being tossed all over my body to complete the cleansing process.

The final step (and perhaps my favorite part) was to lay in the relaxation room. They had yummy herbal teas, halavah and a snack mix. I laid on a comfortable bed with an incredibly soft blanket. I have a very hard time sitting still for too long, so I kept jumping up to get more tea and snacks and probably ate way too many.

So it's just heat, water and soap—no other products are used. My skin felt SO soft after the bath was over. No exfoliant can accomplish this level of softness. Not only was it was an awesome way to relax, but I think that your skin really does need this type of renewal and cleanse every so often. And if you can do it at Trump SoHo, you should, because it is the freakin' nicest, most heavenly place on earth. And I want to live there. Can I please?

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