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Obsessions: Upla Paris Satchels

Many years ago, when I was putting together a shopping guide to Paris for Lucky, I happened across a store called Upla. At the time, it was under-construction, but my friend Gigi and I somehow talked our way inside. The bags—primarily cut from canvas—are perfect. They have a utilitarian feel, weigh practically nothing, and pretty much all feature an ever-handy cross-body strap. Even though I abandoned New York for Los Angeles late last year, and walk far less, I still haven't let go of my aversion to straight-up shoulder bags. I just don't have the strength for them, and those hands: Those hands need to be free!

Anyway, UPLA, which is ages-old and named for a French dairy union, didn't ship to the States at the time. (Something they've since corrected.) While I'm holding out for the Union Jack style, I'm tempted by the more straightforward colors that are on sale here in the US, via Tags. As always, there's the chance a similarly themed bag will catch my eye. (See more of my favorites below.) But I can't help but feel that canvas really is the perfect solution for summer.

You might remember Elise Loehnen from her long stint on staff at Lucky—these days, she lives in Venice, California with her husband and cats and edits the shopping site Beso.com. She also writes our Web Obsessions section in the magazine.

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