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Which Pant Is Best? Erdem vs. Camilla and Marc

Left: Erdem; Right: Camilla and Marc

I know how this could sound, but I’m going to say it anyway: printed trousers are the new colored denim. I don’t mean to be dramatic and ridiculous, but I really think it makes sense.

Colored denim used to be a fresh, punchy way to amplify an outfit—but now that there are so many variations on the trend, from nail polish (seriously, I saw the whole rainbow at Zara this week) to shoes (check out Madewell's skimmers for spring), the shock appeal is diluted.

If I wanted to wear an eye-catching pant today, I wouldn't reach for my red jeans like I would've just three months ago—and I'm sure I'm not alone in that. (They're still great—just more of a neutral than anything else.) Which is probably why last month’s fashion shows teemed with crazy busy pants (floral, geometric, metallic), and why fashion editors and buyers took to wearing them, too.

But if I were going to buy a pair of printed pants, I'm not sure if I'd want to splurge on an expensive version. For instance, Erdem's $990 "Connelly" trousers are perfect. But so are Camilla and Marc's $390 "Surrender" pants.

Sure, Erdem makes beautiful clothes and I know the craftsmanship would be amazing. But I also wonder if the pant's print would upstage its fit and tailoring, making the ridiculously good quality a little less important.

Alternatively, you could buy the similar Camilla and Marc version—and all the items below—and still have $50, and a penny for good luck, left over.

Erdem's "Connelly" Trousers: $990

Camilla and Marc's "Surrender" Trousers, plus all this: $939.99

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