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Who Wants Some Free Nail Polish? 400 Bottles Are Up For Grabs!

We don’t really hide the fact that we have a slight obsession with nail polish. If it’s a new color, we try it (actually we try 22). And if it’s a newfangled manicure, or really, any nail art experiment, we’re all over it, from an ode to the Texan flag to nautical stripes. The current object of our affection, a limited-edition shade from Essie called Barefoot in Blue, is more classic and subtle than how we usually roll, but that’s only part of its appeal: Essie created this dreamy periwinkly shade of blue to support Toms Shoes’ One Day Without Shoes campaign. You won’t be able to get this color in stores or at the salon, so good thing we’re giving away 400 bottles —nope, not a typo—from March 23 to April 10. Show your solidarity by entering for a chance to win now (and by going barefoot on April 10!).

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