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Which Bag is Best? Céline's Boston vs. J.Crew's Tillary

Left: Céline; Right: J.Crew

Of this one thing, we are certain: Céline's Boston tote and J.Crew's Tillary bag look alike. What we're not sure about, though, is which one we'd rather have.

The Céline's a modern classic with fans as diverse as grungy Mary Kate Olsen to prim Gwyneth Paltrow. In all of the variations we've seen (candy apple red, muted camel, a black and white combo, etc.), it's gorgeous. But at $1,869, it's also a very, very serious purchase (or, as we euphemize when talking to more responsible people, it's an "investment").

Meanwhile, J. Crew's Tillary is $230— which means you could buy it and all the items in the slideshow below for the price of one Céline Boston tote. And still have $12 left over for lip gloss or a really good manicure.

Which would you choose?

Céline's Boston tote: $1,856

J.Crew's Tillary tote, plus all this: $1,844

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