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Zara's New NYC Flagship Is Pretty and Super-Minimal

Zara’s new NYC flagship opens on Fifth Avenue yesterday, in the same mammoth building as Uniqlo’s sprawling store. At 32,00 square feet, it’s Zara’s largest outpost in the US— and we’d imagine it’s also the prettiest.

Regardless of the clothes that are bought within the store's giant glass doors—paillete skirts, fringed bags, studded booties—the space itself has a minimalist vibe. With a bare bones palette of white, black and gray, and a direct layout (no zig-zagging maze of escalators here), this new store concept should translate into a more zen shopping experience. Especially when compared with most fast fashion outlets.

When we toured the space on Wednesday, we especially liked the way it's organized: brights and ultra-trendy pieces on one side; subdued, classic neutrals on the other. It makes perfect sense for the dueling mindsets of "I really need to stock up on basics for work" and "I need something eye-catching for that party."

Click through below for a virtual tour of the sleek new space. (Of course, you can always shop the merchandise online, but if you're in NYC, checking it out in person is much more fun.)

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