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Stefano Pilati on Leaving YSL: "It's Beautiful, What Happened to Me"

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When it comes to former creative director Stefano Pilati's recent (and very sudden) departure from Yves Saint Laurent, it would seem there are no lingering hard feelings—just ask the man himself. Last night, we joined the Milanese designer at FIAF's second Fashion Talks event of the month, which interestingly took place on the one-month anniversary of Pilati's exit from the esteemed French label.

Describing his current mindset as "great," the designer cheerfully told us he's been enjoying some much-needed vacation time over the past few weeks. And rather than harboring bitter feelings about his rocky end at YSL, Pilati said he's incredibly proud of what he accomplished during his tenure. Of the evolution of his designs, the way he's shaped the brand and the even the polarizing effect his collections had on critics, he explained, "it's beautiful, what happened to me."

Pushed to elaborate on any low points of the job, he continued, "It would be blasphemy to say there was a low point. Really—I'm fine!" He further lightened the mood with lots of laughs throughout his talk; when moderator Pamela Golbin asked if he could comment "on the press," Pilati pretended he'd misheard, joking, "Am I depressed?"

One thing's for sure—the man's next move might not be easy to predict. While some consider Pilati a prime contender for that buzzed-about Dior job, the designer explained that it's his former boss Miuccia Prada whom he truly admires most. And when asked about his other current industry favorites, Pilati praised avant-garde Japanese designers like Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons.

Wherever he lands, Pilati just wants to make a meaningful impact on the fashion world at large. "I don't think this world makes much sense," he noted during his closing remarks, "but I'm pretty sure I have the energy and knowledge to try to do something relevant." We can't wait to see where he heads next.

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