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In a word (well, three)? Complete California cool.

Embroidery that doesn't look at all grandma-ish? Believe it.

Wear 'em on Valentine's Day—and all year round.

As Austin Powers might say, these'll make you look very shagadelic.

Scarf prints have been in for several seasons now—so update the trend by wearing it on your legs.

A tweed print looks positively shocking in electric blue.

Yet another traditional-feeling pattern, houndstooth, gets a denim makeover.

Pearls never looked this cool.

Take those legs of yours on a safari!

Did he say you have great legs...or grape legs? Either way, when you're wearing these jeans, it's a compliment.

Grrr. Very grrr.

If you prefer skirts to skinnies, try this '70s-style floral pencil skirt.

We're still not sick of ikat prints—especially in a soft neutral hue like this one.

Reptilian denim, courtesy of one of our absolute favorite labels.

A little celestial, a little Nu Rave.

Rainbow-hued, for girls who just can't choose a single color.

Pink elephants on parade.

When Diane von Furstenberg's vintage-y prints met Current/Elliott's perfect denim.

The whole "put a bird on it" thing works just as well when it comes to blue jeans.

We're pretty sure we've spotted this particular floral in our grandma's wardrobe before. And that makes these jeans even cooler.

What girl doesn't love diamonds?

They're perfectly washed-out-looking already, sparing your washing machine a lot of work.

Shorts more your thing? Here's printed denim in an abbreviated form.

Just the right amount of retro.

An dizzyingly abstract take on the floral jean.