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A Day At The Ranch: Canyon Ranch Miami

Last week, I packed it up and headed to the ranch. The newest addition to the Canyon Ranch family is the Miami location, located right on the ocean. I swear the sea is a little bit bluer over there. It's by far the most beautiful stretch of scenery in Miami.

The ranch combines all that you'd expect out of a luxury spa, without completely going against the Miami vibe. (It's probably the only spa that plays dance beats instead of Pure Moods at the pool. And I liked it, even though I claim an allergy to dance music.)

Feeling a little lazy, I went back and forth between the pool and the beach, drank tropical drinks that I convinced myself had less calories in them because I was at a health retreat, and soaked in as much sun as I could (while applying tons of SPF, of course).

That portion of the day was quite enjoyable, but it got way better. After a nice spa lunch, I headed to the fourth floor for my massage. I had heard rave reviews (and I needed one bad). Let's just say it lived up to the hype. I've reviewed so many spas at this point, but I award Canyon Ranch with the title of Best Massage. Or: Best Massage By Far.

First, you change into this really soft, silky robe and wait in the relaxation room. There are snacks, tea, water and magazines. (Bonus point for up-to-date magazines).

After I had a chance to decompress for a moment, the masseuse led me to an area where I could choose my own stone. I chose a blue one that is symbolic of "communication," which we both agreed seemed fitting seeing as how I'm a writer. Then something happened that doesn't always happen. We talked. Rather than diving right in and doing whatever she wanted, my masseuse asked me about my body and how we could make the most of the experience. Not only does this make you feel more comfortable, but it also helps you get what you want out of the session. Never be afraid to speak up! I told her about my stiff shoulders from being cramped at a computer all day and how I was interested in relaxation and detoxifying.

After the massage was over, there was even more fun to be had in the Aquavana. I started out in the crystal steam room. It's scented and there are pretty crystals inside (which I know, from having a chakra treatment, hold special healing powers). Up next, the Experiential Rains room, where you get to choose between "Atlantic storm," "Caribbean monsoon" or "polar mist." Then there's the sauna. Then the igloo, which is SO cool. There are three different mists, and it's a good way to conclude the steam room experience before your shower. I may have overdid it a little, but it's a great way to detoxify after a hot day at the beach and especially after a massage.

I left the Canyon Ranch Miami reluctantly. I wish I could have stayed for so much longer to try every single yoga class. Until then, I'll very much be looking forward to my next ranch experience. A girl has to relax.

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