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Acne's White-Hot Collection Is Pretty Cool

I never grow tired of Acne, the Stockholm-based lifestyle brand that turns 16 this year. Part of my adoration has to do with its origin. When it comes to fashion, Swedes boast an inherent edge: they simply can't look dated or unhip. They're the coolest people in the world, and I think the most stylish, too.

With his latest women's capsule for the brand, designer Jonny Johansson created a wardrobe of stark white separates, including a beautifully seamed leather t-shirt, an oversize sheer button-down and a denim skirt as cute as it is aggressive. My favorite is the slightly sculptural twill dress, which is appropriate for the office, but perfect for a party, too.

Click through to shop the entire collection, which starts at a very reasonable $100. (Everything except the leather is under $450: not bad at all.) Buy just one piece, and you're pretty much set for summer. At least in the I'm-not-a-Swede-but-I-play-one-in-this-dress kind of way.

The sheer pleats add a bit of drama to this button-down.

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