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Ask a Dude: First Date Outfit

Dear Dude,

I’m finally going on a date with this boy I’ve been crushing on for a while. I want to dress like myself, but like, the cutest version of myself. What do guys really like to see girls in? Please don’t say red. Unless it’s actually true.

While I'm sure the question, "What do guys really like to see girls in?" would elicit the douchiest responses from the douchiest guys (I'll spare you from listing examples here), I'm going to go ahead and assume the guy you're crushing on does not fall into this category.

I mean, I doubt you'd be worried this much about impressing a dude who still wears shutter shades or some nonsense like that. It would be real convenient if there was some scientific formula for first date dressing, but there ain't. So much depends on the details of where you're going, the weather, and so on. A simple answer such as, "red" (like you said) or maybe something like, "a little black dress," just doesn't apply.

Where does that leave us? Or, rather, where does that leave you and this boy that's giving you that coveted 6th grade feeling? For my money, the "cutest" or most attractive version of any girl is when she is at her most confident and most comfortable. You want to dress so that you don't have to give a second thought to what you are wearing. With all that out of the way, you can focus on being yourself, impressing the hell outta your date and, most importantly, spending as much of his money as you can while this window of opportunity is still open.

You know yourself, and your wardrobe, better than anyone. So it's totally up to you to figure out what helps you achieve this first date equilibrium of confidence and comfort. With all that out of the way, you can go about your business wowing this guy or, if my initial assessments were wrong to begin with, slapping those damn shutter shades right off his face.

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