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Azealia Banks Will Perform at the Met Gala as Alexander Wang's Date

Another day, another tidbit of tantalizing info about the upcoming Met Gala. Though rumors have been swirling that Jennifer Lopez would be next Monday night's surprise musical performer, it seems as though the honor will be going to someone far newer to the scene: buzzed-about rapper Azealia Banks, a favorite of fashion houses Mulberry and Chanel.

Fashionista noticed a few recent tweets of Azealia's that all but gave away the surprise: "I can't wait for the MET ball! I'm going as Alexander Wang's date. He custome made my outfit and shoes! !!!! It's soooo hot !" Later, the recent Coachella performer added, "I've Been invited to Perform for PRADA next week in NYC! Gonna b so lush !! Let's see which new songs I debut there! #metball2012"

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, the revealing tweets have since been deleted—but the Internet, as we all know, is forever. Regardless, we can't wait to see what sort of creation Azealia wears on the red carpet. Keeping Alex Wang's downtown aesthetic in mind, it's sure to be slashed-and-torn, safety-pinned, deeply plunging or otherwise risqué—but the "212" singer's exactly the kind of girl who could pull off such an ensemble. In the meantime, check out a few Azealia-inspired buys in the slideshow.

Photo courtesy of Mulberry.

Let's face it: with her "212" music video, Azealia single-handedly brought the Mickey Mouse sweater back.

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