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Betsey Johnson Is Getting Her Own TV Show on the Style Network

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Someone's excited.

Style Media, parent company of the Style Network, has just announced a new list of programs in development for 2012—and one in-the-works series has us particularly pumped.

Betsey + Lulu will star kooky, cartwheeling fashion designer (not to mention Manhattan fixture) Betsey Johnson alongside her daughter and muse Lulu, following the pair around their day-to-day lives in Manhattan. The catch? Single mother Lulu wants to launch her own fashion label and finally step out from Betsey's shadow. Honestly, we hope Lulu has a taste for dark palettes and minimalist silhouettes, because considering Betsey's aesthetic, that'd make for some damn dramatic programming. The network's also promised a cameo from the pair's shrink and interior decorator—no word on whether they're actually the same person.

Betsey + Lulu is set to premiere later this year. Will you be watching?

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