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Betsey Johnson Makes Luggage

Betsey Johnson does cartwheels at the end of her fashion shows and makes electric pink cocktail dresses out of tulle and rhinestones and magic. But Betsey can also be...wait for it...practical! She knows her fans need ho-hum things. Not just bouncy prom night dresses.

So, in addition to other cheeky basics she offers (lip-printed socks, sparkly elastic belts) Betsey's teaming up with Trunk and Trolley on a new range of travel bags and accessories.

From iPad cases to rollerboard suitcases, each collection features an iconically irreverent Betsey print: red leopard or red and black cherries. They'll range from $195 to $420 and hit Dillard's and Betsey Johnson boutiques in May. In the meantime, click through the slideshow below to preview the styles, and browse here for things to pack inside them. (Although maybe stay away from those tulle dresses and skirts, because they're probably more difficult to squeeze in there than a down jacket.)

The outside elastic pocket makes it so easy to shuffle your magazines, gadgets and snacks in and out during train rides and road trips.

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