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Birchbox Is Now For Guys, Too

Birchbox, which offers doorstep deliveries of sample-sized beauty products, is already on our list of the best "of the month" clubs. Signing up means you can try new things without having to touch any of those "tester" eyeshadows (which just reads “germs” to me). Or commit to a fist-sized, $60 jar of a moisturizer you’ve heard is good but have never actually used.

Now Birchbox is expanding its M.O.—$20 a month for a shipment of 4-5 samples from the very best beauty brands—to include men, too. And we might just sign ourselves up in addition to the boys in our lives.

Guys might not be as wiling to borrow our lavender-scented deodorant and Stila lip gloss, but most women I know will cop to regularly using a product or two from their dude’s medicine cabinet. And I know tons of girls who buy men's colognes for their woodsy, earthy scents, or use men's pomades to give their hair good beach waves.

So if I signed my boyfriend up for Birchbox Man, it'd be a win-win situation. He'd probably upgrade his grooming products (according to the company, 40 percent of users buy a full-sized version of one of the samples within the first year) while I'd get to try the products without creepily lurking around the men's section of the department store. Plus, in addition to grooming stuff(Kiehl's lotions, Kérastase shampoo) Birchbox Man's offering lifestyle goods (Field Notes notebooks, Baggu knapsacks) with a pared-down, unisex vibe we really love.

Check it out here to see the full list of products so far and sign up anyone you want—dad, boyfriend, brother, husband, even yourself.

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