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Both Snow White Movies Boast Designer Merch to Match

Courtesy of Charlotte Ronson

It's no secret that the film industry's smitten with the age-old tale of Snow White—the Brothers Grimm's classic is getting not one, but two silver-screen reboots this year. But it seems that designers want in on the fairytale action, too, as they're rolling out pieces to accompany the two flicks.

Mirror Mirror, the more family-friendly of the two Snow White updates starring Lily Collins and Julia Roberts, opened just this past weekend. To celebrate the movie, Charlotte Ronson has designed a limited-edition tee featuring a sketch of Collins in full-on Snow White mode (complete with swan headdress). The shirts are valued at $25 a pop, but only 50 are being produced—and most of of those are being offered strictly through contests to help promote the movie.

Meanwhile, Snow White and the Huntsman, a far darker rendering of the fairytale starring Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart, is set to open nationwide on June 1. Shoe label Pretty Ballerinas have teamed up with the flick's production company to release a capsule of Snow White-inspired slippers. The designs range from satin flats topped with apples and mirrors (two key symbols in the fable) to a tapestry-patterned pair decorated with evil queen-inspired skulls. The shoes will be carried in Pretty Ballerinas boutiques starting in June—check out each of the six styles on offer, which range from about $199 to $259, in the slideshow. Which do you think is, well, the fairest of them all?

Courtesy of Pretty Ballerinas

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