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Prada Spring 2012

A perfect choice for the girl whose film career is on fire.

Prada Fall 2011

Those glimmering paillettes would have looked gorgeous coming down the aisle.

Prada Fall 2011

A little bit baby-doll, a little mod—and completely Carey.

Prada Spring 2011

OK, perhaps this one would be better suited for the honeymoon...or for a beachside ceremony. Still, how gorgeous is that beaded hemline?

Prada Resort 2011

With these two options, you get your long white dress and your "something blue" all at once. Now that's convenience.

Prada Fall 2010

That ruffled bodice is so feminine and flattering—everything a wedding dress should be.

2010 Oscars

Who could forget Miss Mulligan's silverware-covered asymmetrical Prada from the Academy Awards two years ago? A little kooky, but still gorgeous.