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Coachella Survival Guide, By Someone Who Barely Survived

The best looks from Day 1.

Coachella is VERY fun, but it's really hot out here and navigating this desert has proven no easy feat. If you're out here, use these tips. You're going to need them.

1. Make friends with the locals. They're the only ones that know their way around. And they have cars.

2. Never get into a stranger's car. (He might take you to meet his mom and make you tell her that you are one of the strippers from his club. This really happened last night.)

3. Do not, I repeat, do not wear open-toe shoesYour feet will feel really gross by the end of Day 1.

4. Wear fabrics that breathe. It's mad hot.

5. If you're trying to meet someone, pick an obvious landmark. Or you'll never find them.

6. Paying extra for a VIP pass is worth it. Really.

7. Stay hydrated. On the long walk (we called it the trail of tears) to get inside the venue, there is little water and you might pass out if you don't drink enough prior.

8. Bring a portable iPhone charger. iPhones do not usually last for 12 hours.

9. The topless girl didn't get arrested, but you should still wear a shirt if you can.

10. Leave a little bit before the last band plays. Because exitting the venue is a mass exodus of drunk people all looking for a ride to the same place.

11. Travel with your hair stylist and other beauty savvy people. I'm with Teddi Cranford, Guido's right hand woman and Sophie Panych, associate editor at Allure. We've all dyed our hair and have more types of sunscreen than the aisle at Duane Reade.

12. Lastly, be sure to wear plently of sunscreen. Red Hot Chili Peppers is a band, not a skin color.

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