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We could spend hours just playing with all the compartments and detachable cases in this majorly comprehensive jewelry trunk. The designated drawer for watches is especially classy.

It's a little bit Chanel, a little bit Hermès (love the lock), plus the mini-case-in-a-case is fantastic for travel.

This plush lipstick red leather case is so old Hollywood. Grace Kelly should have toted her diamonds around the French Riviera in this box in To Catch a Thief.

This especially generous chest has a few hidden compartments to hang chains and pendants, plus a super cute takeaway tote for travel. There's even an LED light if you need a little help searching for a special something.

We're especially taken by this stately black leather design's removable attache case. It's (again) so "retro Hollywood jewelry thief" and—realistically—convenient for traveling.

Sometimes a girl just wants a separate accessory for her gems all together. Why stick with just one jewelry box when you have these structured, purse-like totes? Think these velvet-lined satchels have room for a wallet and iPhone, too?

We're tempted to revisit the pink of our childhood with this foldable, travel pouch.