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Decades Teams Up With Rent the Runway—Fancy Some Vintage Chanel?

Decades, the ultra-high-end designer vintage store in L.A. co-owned by Cameron Silver and Christos Garkinos, is a favorite amongst celebs, stylists, and industry insiders. Heck, from the looks of her reality series, Rachel Zoe practically lives in the place. That said, Silver and Garkinos charge high prices for their one-of-a-kind, rare finds. Luckily, thanks to the boutique's new partnership with Rent the Runway, a few nights out in vintage Chanel, Givenchy or YSL will only cost you several hundred—rather than several thousand—dollars.

Last night, I joined the Decades and RTR teams at a launch party to scope out some of the former's incredible stock—and trust me, it was incredible: Chanel jackets in every color combo imaginable, '60s-era Pucci shifts, Prada's Spring 2008 fairytale dresses and tons of mint-condition furs. And while ready-to-wear won't be the focus of Decades' Rent the Runway capsule, the founders' eye for great vintage will be.

"It's a way for girls to dip their toe into vintage, even if they're a little afraid of it," Garkinos told me at the party. "It's going to be a really tight collection to start, and we can always expand it if it becomes successful." He also shared that none of the pieces you'll find on Rent the Runway were pulled from Decades' extensive inventory—the team shopped specifically for the collab. "Cameron went to Paris with Rent the Runway on a buying trip," Garkinos said. "We looked for a lot of Chanel, since that always does so well for us."

Between running their full-time consignment business, curating for Rent the Runway and filming their upcoming Bravo reality series, the Decades pair have been especially busy lately. I asked Garkinos what we could expect from the show, simply titled Decades. "The storytelling's amazing," he said, "and a couple of my fashion-world idols have been on it already. But first and foremost, it's funny. I know for a fact that it's funny because Cameron and I are really funny. I mean, aren't you laughing already?"

Shop some of our favorite accessories from Decades' collab with Rent the Runway in the slideshow.

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