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Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Teams up With Avicii


Last fall, Ralph Lauren launched Denim & Supply, an offshoot of vintage-inspired, undone clothes less expensive than Double RL and less peppy than Rugby. So even though I wouldn't normally think Ralph Lauren and electronica "mesh well"—in the words of Tai from Clueless—Denim & Supply's new collaboration with Swedish DJ Avicii actually makes a lot of sense.

Denim & Supply's for the Ralph Lauren customer who spends more time at concerts than country clubs, after all. Its frayed denim shorts, gauzy sundresses and tie-dye tanks are perfect for festivals like South by Southwest or Coachella—which Avicii's headlining next week—making the music and fashion partnership pretty seamless.

Avicii will star in the fall ads and campaign video, as well as provide the soundtrack (an exclusive new single, naturally). We'll keep you posted on its official premiere date—sometime this summer on denimandsupply.com—but in the meantime, we'd suggest shopping a few of our favorite currently available items from the line. Especially if you're lucky enough to be heading to Coachella.

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