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Did You Hear That Charlotte Free Is the New Face of Maybelline?

I heard, but I had to sign a non-disclosure. (But I still told everyone I know.) Though, it's official now. The new face of Maybelline is our favorite pink-haired model, Charlotte Free. To get some maje buzz around this announcement, we got together with P'trique—fashion's latest it-girl that is not really a girl—and filmed a funny video called #Topchicret.

If you liked P'trique in "Sh*t Fashion Girls Say," you'll probably laugh pretty hard at this one too. And might I add, P'trique is every bit as lovely and funny in person as she is in these vids. You'd think she'd be a total diva, but nah. I could tell you who is, but that'd be gossiping. And I'd never. #TOPCHICRET #DONTTELLANYONE #TELLEVERYONEYOUKNOW.

Oh and I'm in it. And so is John Jannuzzi.

Watch the video!

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