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Dress Like a Spice Girl, the Top 100 Fashion Influencers and More From Around the Web

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Kate Moss made the list.

A modern day shopping guide to dressing like a Spice Girl, divided by the singers' styles. We did the math on this one and you can buy all the pieces from all five catagories and it will cost about the same as a dress from Posh Spice—ahem, Victoria Beckham's—eponymous line. [Fashionista

TIME magazine unveils its list of the 100 most influential fashion icons alive between the years of 1923 and 2012. Names are divided into categories such as models, designers, editors and—our favorite—"muses." [TIME]

Late singer Whitney Houston's clothing is already being auctioned to the public and the prices are getting pretty cray. Last weekend, one dress went for a whooping $80,000. [Coco Perez

Marc Jacobs confirms that he is developing a collection of color cosmetics for Sephora. The designer just began working on this project (his first meeting was last week!) so a launch date has yet to be decided. [WWD]

CoverGirl expands its usual roster of actresses and America's Next Top Model winners to include Olympic athletes. Boxer Marlen Esparza and beach volleyball player Jennifer Kessy will front the brand's next campaign. [People]

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