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E-Commerce Crush: Fancy French Cologne

Much as we love our usual online shopping standbys (Net-a-Porter, Shopbop and La Garçonne, we're talkin' to you), it's always great to discover the newer, smaller e-commerce sites. And that's precisely why several of us at Lucky are going crazy over Fancyfrenchcologne.com—the site's uniformly Gallic-chic aesthetic and well-edited inventory make it feel more like an intimate boutique than a massive shopping platform.

From cute collared button-ups and sweet slipdresses to minimalist zip clutches and delicate gold jewelry, nearly every item in stock feels as though it were plucked straight from, say, Carey Mulligan or Clémence Poésy's wardrobes. Throw in crazy-reasonable price tags—pretty much everything's listed at under $100—and you can understand why we're deeming it a must-click.

Browse the slideshow below to peep some of our current favorite finds on the site—but be sure to do some independent shopping at Fancyfrenchcologne.com for yourself, too.

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under $100
under $100