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Emmy Rossum and Camilla Belle Star in Cotton Inc.'s New 'Fabric of Our Lives' Campaign

Cotton Inc.'s newest commercials, starring Emmy Rossum and Camilla Belle, pay homage to the leading ladies' bicoastal hometowns: New York and Los Angeles. "The Tale of Two Cities" campaign (which, unsurprisingly, has few similarities to Dickens' epic novel) features both stars in their cities of residence, enjoying their daily life while wearing really cute clothes made from, obviously, cotton.

Both actresses have recorded separate clips, which will air individually on various cable networks such as Fox, ABC and The CW. Rossum's spot—which takes place in New York and follows her from a black tie event to the train and then the recording studio—lands first. Look for it this upcoming Monday and the following two weeks. After that, Belle's L.A.-based clip will premiere. The footage will show her tap dancing, visiting the local farmer's market and lounging in a hammock.

"We partner with inspirational young celebrity ambassadors who resonate with our core demographic of women [ages] 18 to 34," Glenn Sciachitano, director of advertising at Cotton Inc. told WWD. "They give us a great palette to showcase the versatility of cotton garments by showcasing their interests."

In the past, every celebrity to star in a Cotton Inc. commercial—including former Lucky cover girls Zooey Deschanel and Kate Bosworth—has sung in the background, so we're extra interested to see how these turn out. Because while we know that Emmy Rossum has a background in opera (she did do Phantom of the Opera before Shameless, after all!), we've never actually heard Camilla Belle showcase her voice. Could this be the start of a new career for her?

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