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Fashionable Movies You've Never Seen Before (Most Likely)

Good clothes in movies are tougher to come by than we'd like. But there are some (delightfully) under-the-radar exceptions. If you're like me and can't even sit through an entire film if the cast is poorly dressed, this list will make your next movie marathon experience far more enjoyable—and inspirational.

These weren't necessarily blockbuster hits, but they're stylish enough to count for something and perhaps restore your faith in the costume design department. Other directors, I hope you're reading this.

Claire's Knee, 1970

You'll die over these sexy, summery dresses.

John and Mary, 1969   

Dustin Hoffman and Mia Farrow do not disappoint and this is the best movie ever.

Doctor Zhivago, 1965

It's everyone's mom's favorite movie for a reason.

Lemming, 2005

Check out the jeans on Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Who Are You, Polly Maggoo? 1966

There are some major beauty moments, miniskirts and a cool sequence of her running around in a trench coat.

Party Girl, 1995

Parker Posey lives in a dump in NYC, but has a killer wardrobe. I think we can all relate.

Chinese Roulette, 1976    

A seriously terrible film filled with awesome style.

Paris, Texas, 1984

"Duh—the red sweater."—Jen Ford

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, 1969

She had the sexy teacher look down pat. A fine example of how-to wear a pencil skirt right.

Perrot Le Fou, 1965

A nautical expedition from Paris to the Mediterranean. Need I say more?

Seems Like Old Times, 1980

Goldie Hawn's dinner party attire is particularly noteworthy here.

Sex and the Single Girl, 1964

Before there was Sex and the City, there was the single girl. And she was every bit as well dressed as Carrie.

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